//How to get the body to DETOXIFY?

How to get the body to DETOXIFY?

Detox – Start the process with questioning & observing yourself.
Is your digestive health, psychological well-being & energy where you would like it to be right now?

It is essential to approach this cleansing process with the right mindset, taking it one step at the time, making this journey pleasurable. Discover once again your body & see how it is designed to feel.

First of all, you need to understand two things.

  1. There are levels of acidity & toxicity in your body.
  2. Secondly, you can’t treat acidosis & toxicity with more acid & toxins. The digestive system is where we need to begin, it is the place where you bring the outside world in. Therefore, the key is to DECREASE intake of acid-forming food-like products, open your kitchen cupboard/fridge and make an objective selection. Everything that your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food – needs to go to the bin. This allows you to create space, whereby the necessary energy will start flowing for your benefit, and the process of cleansing begins.

To speed up your cleansing journey we should use mother Nature’s help in the form of herbal remedies, which naturally target the whole body. When nature creates anything, it has multifaceted purposes & responses.

Herbs heal, soothe & detoxify your cells without harmful side effects. The body recognizes these natural structures as we all come from the same source – EARTH.

uHerbs have created a range of Organic natural products in the form of Tonics. With minimal digestion & optimal absorption they support our bodies repairing processes with love & care.

detox your body

Plans start with:

* Colon cleanser 2-4 Bottles (1 bottle last for 2 weeks) – this herbal tonic breaks up toxic build up lining the digestive tract. We first need to remove anything which no longer serves our health & wellbeing. Once again, we create space & allow energy to start flowing.

Once you have changed the chemistry of your body, it’s time to get rid of unwanted guests.
* Parasite Cleanser 2-4 Bottles. We have already disturbed their environment, ingredients like wormseed & cloves will kill large parasites and their eggs preventing regrowth of the colony. It will also help reduce your microorganisms (candida, bacteria, etc.) that affect your desire for unhealthy foods.

After this few weeks, your body naturally adjusts to changing process. In this stage, we focusing on reducing inflammation.
* Detox & Purify 2-4 Bottles this amazing formula can help the body expel toxins, support the liver, kidney and digestive system soothing and healing.

Let’s take this detox journey a step further.

Alternative therapies sometimes sound scary & surreal. For instance, information about infusing purified water in your Colon (large intestine) in order to cleanse are rejected easily without considering their cleansing and healing power.
Colonic hydrotherapy known as Colonic Irrigation is an ancient method to assist the cleansing process of your body. It has a washing effect on the gut lining, it can break loose plaque that has been impacted upon the colon walls for many years due to an unhealthy diet & lifestyle, therefore speeding up the detoxification process. The process of this therapy has changed tremendously since the open system was introduced to the clinics worldwide. This system is self- administrated which allows the client privacy & comfort.

During the process of detoxification, it is recommended 10-12 sessions within 4/5 weeks for the best results. It is vital that you clean and strengthen the GI tract in your detoxification program, that is, if you wish to have true success at regenerating your whole body. Read HERE for more about the therapy.

Finally: Attitude, attitude, attitude! Enjoy what you’re doing. Always remember why you’re getting your body (your physical vehicle) healthy. Your body is your mobility in this world. Many of your weaknesses are genetically passed to you. Your toxicity may have developed in utero, so give it time to be released. Vibrant health in this world does not occur overnight. Sometimes it’s hard work— but well worth it. It connects you with life, love, and the Universe.


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